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what looks better with a deck a round or an oval pool

pros and cons of round v oval Pool School TFP Home Page

We are just about to take the plunge for an above ground pool and it is overwhelming! We wanted oval but a review by some contractor I don't remember where says round is better. We are going to put it up ourselves as we have built just about everything on our

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Round or Oval?? Pool School TFP Home Page

I have room for either a round or oval pool, but can not decide which is preferable. I am thinking about a 24 or Vac'ing is easier. Swimming laps is more fun. Decking looks better over the straight runs. It looks classier. The only advantage that I like about a

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Oval Pool Vs. Round Pool Home Guides SF Gate

In ground and above ground pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round and oval. Before choosing between a round or oval pool, consider the layout of your yard, the depth of the water and who will most likely use the pool. Maintenance and upkeep

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Round vs Oval Bringing Families Together Since 2009 Home

Oval pools are more expensive to purchase as well as install. An installer can typically install 2 round pools in the time it takes to properly install an oval pool. This results in a more labor intensive, higher priced installation. Ovals may be the better choice when

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Which is better, round or oval? Seasonal Stores

Which is better, round or oval? Home / Which is better, round or oval? It depends on what you want from a pool. An oval pool, especially with a nice deck, can look much like an inground pool at a vastly lower price. It gives you more length for swimming it

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Above Ground Pool Buyers Guide: What To Know Before You Buy

pic via blog.campbellpools.ca What you should do first is decide if your yard is better suited for a round pool or an oval shaped pool, as these are the two most shapes offered in the above ground market. If your yard has a lot of open unobstructed space. then I

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Square vs. Round Dining Table Home Guides SF Gate

Choose a round table that has additional table leaves, so you can expand the table to an oval shape for holidays and important events. Trouble Areas

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Do you wish you would have went with a different shape pool, round or oval? Archive The PoolForum

I cant seem to make up my mind between round or oval. I have plenty of room for either. On the one hand i like that the round pool holds more water so it would seem that you could swim around in it more. but on the other hand, i like the long pools 33' 40' because

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